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Providing a safer Everett and responding to the unsheltered and crime remains my top priority. I believe that the vulnerable unsheltered with severe issues need care and safety. And those adding crime to our streets, creating safety issues and pressures in our neighborhoods and on our Police and Fire Departments, need the appropriate support to help them rise above the criminal justice cycle and become participating community members. 


I have spent my career working to improve all Everett residents' quality of life and opportunities. I advocated for expanding the South Everett branch of the Everett Public Library and was instrumental in bringing forth the expansion plan completed in 2020. As Council President, I created the Council Neighborhood Liaison program to increase engagement, meet neighbors where they are, and build relationships with Everett's unique communities and neighborhoods. This effort increased council connections with community members and garnered greater civic participation. Yet, the work continues.


I believe in a collaborative approach to governing, doing homework on issues, and tenacity to solve problems and bring projects to completion. 

Judy Tuohy 2023.jpg

"As your City Council member, I will continue to champion Everett and help build a vibrant city that provides its community members with a tremendous quality of life," states Tuohy. "Everett is a city with great potential, and we must act on it. We must do everything we can to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe and welcoming, that we have parks and recreational opportunities in all neighborhoods across our city, and that we continue to attract and retain companies that generate good jobs for our residents. It's time for Everett to shine."


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